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SEPTEMBER 18, 2019

Acceler – A Advance Vitamin A Serum

Vitamin A is an antioxidant and one of the most important nutrients for maintaining healthy skin as it helps skin to grow and to repair itself. It plays a key role in treating many skin concerns such as:
- acne
- pores
- fine lines/wrinkle
- pigmentation
- loss of skin firmness
- reverses UV and sun damage

Many Vitamin A skin products contain Retinol. Retinol is an effective form of Vitamin A however it can be responsible for skin sensitivity, irritation, redness, flakiness and a reduction of skin thickness - creating a misconception and belief that these symptoms are caused by Vitamin A itself. For this reason I have personally avoided Vitamin A in my skincare routine as my skin has never reacted well to standard products. Recently, I was introduced to Synergie’s line of Vitamin A and their latest product, the Acceler - A.

Written By thespotbeauty

Synergie have formulated an active Vitamin A that administers minimal irritation and maximal benefits to your skin. Acceler-A contains a type of Vitamin A called HPR (Hydroxy Pinacolone Retinoate) which doesn't need to be converted in the skin like all other types of Vitamin A in skincare. It is the closest, most stable Vitamin A you can get without a prescription - the most advanced and most innovative Vitamin A serum that is available today. Backed by clean science, it contains a proprietary blend (Green Tea, Coenzyme Q10 and Retinext - 6%) to accelerate the delivery of Vitamin A to your skin. It has been formulated to provide the skin with antioxidants, anti inflammatory agents, as well as the enzymes in our skin which breakdown collagen and lead to wrinkles and skin ageing.

The Acceler - A is a great skin regulator and rejuvenator. It increases skin luminosity, collagen production and regulates overproduction of skin pigment reducing the appearance of age spots and uneven hyper-pigmentation. An innovative Vitamin A serum that helps to transform skin.