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August 28, 2019


Earthwise Beauty needs no introduction, this luxurious, organic skincare line is popular amongst many clean beauty lovers and skincare lovers alike. Founded by Ava Zhan, she started the skincare line over a decade ago and creates the most potent, high performing organic beauty products that help to transform and heal your skin. With a passion and dedication to herbs, nature and exotic botanicals the products from her line are unique and like nothing I've ever tried. Ava is constantly pushing the boundaries in the natural and clean beauty space .

I've had the pleasure of using Earthwise Beauty for a few years and have LOVED everything I've tried. The products are efficacious and help to heal skin instantaneously. The line isn't about quick fixes or false promises, it's about powerful, effective ingredients that are beneficial for the health of your skin.

Written By thespotbeauty

One of the first products I tried from the Earthwise Beauty line was: Nap in the Meadow Face Serum. This dewy, herbaceous serum is formulated with calming botanicals, exotic resins and wildcrafted floral essences that help protect, restore and hydrate your skin. The quality and mindful choice of ingredients used assist the potency and performance of this unique serum. A very gentle yet hydrating serum that is suitable for aggressive skin conditions like: acne, rosacea, eczema and dehydration. It has the ability to regenerate the skin and revitalise your complexion. What I love most about this serum is its ability to heal skin rapidly - not to be mistaken for a quick fix, rather a remedial serum that truly heals skin.

If you love face mists, you're definitely going to love the Cistus and Moonlight face mist. This mist has actually become one of my HOLY GRAIL products - it is no ordinary face mist! It contains one of the most healing and beneficial ingredients - Cistus (also known as rock essential oil). Cistus has been used by many aromatherapist as well as traditional herbalists for its anti inflammatory and regenerating properties in skincare. It is often referred to as "Portuguese Beauty Water." Cistus has the the ability to tone skin and the muscles. It also treats a myriad of skin conditions and is gentle enough to use on inflamed, irritated and very sensitive skin. I love this face mist, it helps to refresh and rejuvenate my skin as well as giving my complexion a healthy hydrated glow. It’s also blended with several gem and floral essences that aid the healing of your chakras and aura.

I’m a big lover of face oils and love the benefits, but I find some are just too rich and really don't suit my oily/congested skin type. I want all the great nutrients a face oil provides but I also don’t want the clogged pores from the richness of the ingredients. If you can relate to this and want to try a face oil that has all the skin enhancing goodness - you need to try the Black Locust Firming Concentrate. Another undoubtedly unique and fascinating product from the Earthwise Beauty line.This concentrate is a cocktail of botanical oils that have been formulated to suit all skin types especially dry, sensitive and oily. Formulated to address the needs of more mature and dry skin, it still works very well on a combination and oily skin as well. It’s a blend of the most antioxidant rich plants and fruit extracts that deliver an abundance of essential fatty acids and vitamins to the skin. The Bakuchiol and Lupine Seeds are standout and noteworthy ingredients in this formula - as the Bakuchiol acts like a gentle yet effective form of retinol, and the Lupine Seeds boost elasticity and collagen. After a few uses you can reply feel the difference in the elasticity of your skin. I love mixing this with the Nap in the Meadow serum, these two combined do wonders for my skin - especially with congestion and clarity of skin.

I personally love the creations from Ava as her knowledge and skills with plant based ingredients have me in awe.

If you’re new to clean beauty or haven’t tried Earthwise Beauty, I highly recommend trying this brand - truly brilliant!

The Earthwise Beauty products were gifted by One Fine Secret for my honest review. All thoughts and results are my own.