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OCTOBER 17, 2019

Hydrated Skin Needs Probiotics

MINENSSEY is an Australian luxurious natural beauty brand that harnesses the medicinal properties found in Australian native botanicals and plants. Founded by Cheryl Ross, skincare expert and experienced formulator who has extensive knowledge about plant based ingredients and extracts. She launched her own line in 2018, where she formulates all products in the line and has recently expanded with the MINENSSEY Hydrating range.

The Hydrating range is a careful curation of unique and prized Australian native botanicals, probiotics, as well as other potent antioxidants that help quench and protect your skin. Comprising of four key products - a cleansing souffle, a facial essence, a moisture-rich eye cream and an aqua cream, the products all play a role in delivering hydration and pure plant goodness to the skin.

One of the key and signature ingredients is the Flannel Flower. This Australian bush native is an antioxidant rich botanical that helps stimulate collagen and elasticity in skin. It also naturally retains moisture, allowing it stay where it is needed within your skin. In conjunction with the Flannel Flower the Hydrating range features ACB Yogurt Dermal Respiratory - a researched and cutting edge probiotic extract that works harmoniously to assist skins micriobiome as well as improving the oxygen uptake at a cellular level.

Written By thespotbeauty

The skins microbiome has become a hot topic and for good reason. The flora (good bacteria) of your skin is crucial, if it is imbalanced or there is more bad bacteria than good, your skin will not perform and renew itself. Using products that enhance and assist skins microbiome are essential - the Hydrating Cleansing Souffle and Hydrating Dynamic Facial Essence are both excellent products to introduce to your routine that reinforce this. Whilst providing good bacteria to your skin they feed skin cells with an abundance of hydration - think of it as a glass of water for the skin.

Each product from the range is exceptional and performs effectively and promptly to replenish your skin. You can see with a few uses how skin doesn’t feel parched or dry, even oily skin looks and feels a lot more balanced - with the right amount of hydration being imparted.The products work well on all skin types from sensitive, combination to acne prone. They provide your skin with the right amount of hydration that isn't too rich or over bearing. It is the ideal hydrating range that is great for everyone and every age.

I love how easily this range works into my routine and how well my skin has adapted to the products. You can instantly see results in the texture and quality of the skin - it looks and feels more supple. I have also noticed an overall change in my complexion especially after cleansing with the souffle, my skin looks brighter and luminous. I follow with the facial essence and the aqua cream, as it helps to further enhance these glowing results. I make sure my am or pm routine include at least two or three of the the products - to ensure I am boosting my hydration levels and delivering good bacteria (probiotics) to my skin.

Pro Tips with the MINENSSEY products: This range is great if you are traveling and fly a lot, as the key ingredients will help the health of skin as well as protect it from the harsh conditions. It also makes a wonderful spring/summer skincare range to help retain moisture levels in skin as we tend to sweat a lot of it out in the humidity. The Hydrating Complete Eye Cream is a great hand bag must have - reapply during the day to keep eyes plump and moist, especially great if you're in air conditioning all day.