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July 12, 2019


Edible Beauty is a pure botanical, and luxurious line of natural skincare founded by naturopath and nutritionist Anna Mitsios. The ethical range is formulated with wildcrafted ingredients and Australian native extracts that are founded on naturopathic philosophies and free from unnecessary chemicals - so your skin will feel like it has been kissed by Mother Nature herself. Anna’s philosophy stems from her belief in the positive effect herbs and natural foods possess to transform, nourish and revitalise us. A wealth of knowledge on all things wellness and skincare Anna shares her insights on the her favourite products and ingredients in the interview below.

Written By thespotbeauty

How did Edible Beauty begin?

About seven years ago I transitioned from a career in finance to naturopathy. This was triggered by my diagnosis as a Type 1 diabetic at the age of 18. I became very passionate about the incredible ability of natural herbs, diet and supplements to manage my health condition. I also became increasingly conscious of endocrine disrupting toxins in the beauty products I was using. The Edible Beauty range was created five years ago whilst I was working at a natural fertility clinic. I was recommending that in addition to changes to their food and lifestyle routines, my patients make changes to their personal care products. I was shocked to find that there were very few options available for skincare products that were "edible" and that were luxurious and therapeutic. As a result, I embarked on creating my own range of skincare products. I was literally whipping shea butter, coco butter and rose water in my mother’s cake mixer and started sharing my creations with friends and family. After much research, courses, cosmetic chemist meetings, Edible Beauty Australia skincare range was born.

2. Why are organic and cleaner ingredients important for our skin?

Edible is our gold standard of safety as the skin, being the largest organ of the body, absorbs close to 60% of the products that we place on it. Given we absorb such a large percentage of what we put on our skin and the fact that what we put on our skin bypasses our digestive and detoxification systems, what we are putting on our skin becomes just as important as what we are eating. Studies reveal more than 280 toxins linked to personal care products being found in the umbilical cords of babies which makes what we are putting on our skin even more important in pregnancy and when we are planning conception. The endocrine disrupting effects of ingredients found in our personal care products is of great concern. Xenoestrogens are normally found in the form of parabens and preservatives in skincare products. They lock onto our oestrogen receptor sites and mimic the way that oestrogen works thereby contributing to an excess in oestrogen in the body which will interfere with our efforts to conceive. Perfluorinated chemicals (also known as PFCs) are another sub category of toxins found in skincare which can also impact fertility detrimentally. They are normally found in fragrances and have been shown in research to contribute to a range of fertility issues in both men and women. One study states that women with higher-than-normal levels of PFC’s have exhibited a 60-154% higher risk of infertility than those who do not. PFCs have been also shown to affect the fertility of males by decreasing the overall health and motility of their sperm. Edible Beauty products are not only free of the usual nasties – sulfates, parabens, phthalates etc., they are also free of benzyl alcohol, fragrances, propylene glycol, all preservatives, colours, synthetics and any ingredient that you would not recognise or find in your food. Every ingredient in our products is pure and botanical, and good enough to eat.

  3. What are your favourite Australian native ingredients to work with?
Wildcrafted Australian ingredients are a feature in our range. I am always learning more and more about their therapeutic benefits and superior antioxidant profiles. These plants are special in that they are found growing in their natural habitat in arid parts of Australia. This provides them with a very strong antioxidant profile developed to protect themselves against the harsh environment and potent sun that they are growing in. This protective system is transferred across to our skin providing us with incredible skin protective and anti-ageing qualities.Two of my favourite Australian botanicals are the Snowflower Seed along with Desert Lime Extract. Snowflower Seed Extract is a great example of how potent native extracts are. The extract has been shown to have 50 times the antioxidant activity of Vitamin E and 100 times that of Vitamin C. This means it provides effective support for healthy collagen production and skin cell renewal and it also assists in brightening the skin. It has potent anti-inflammatory properties which makes it helpful in reducing skin redness and sensitivity. This extract features in a few of our products including our Snowflower Illuminating Face Oil and Sleeping Beauty Purifying Mousse. One of my other favourite native extracts is Desert Lime. This native is a thorny shrub or small tree wild harvested from bushland in arid regions of Queensland & South Australia. Flavonoid glycosides present in Desert Lime are effective in stimulating the production of collagen in the skin, reducing fine lines and wrinkles. Another benefit of flavonoid glycosides is their strong scavenging action on free radicals - they work to intensify the activity of vitamin C, thereby enhancing the antioxidant content of the botanical.

4. What are your HERO product(s) from the Edible Beauty range?
We have two hero products that we have customers always coming back for and providing raving reviews on. These are two of our serums our Exotic Goddess Ageless Serum and our Turmeric Beauty Latte. No.3 Exotic Goddess Ageless Serum. This formula is filled with wildcrafted and using it you can feel the incredible therapeutic energy of these beautiful botanicals. It is not only rich in naturally occurring C to boost collagen production (via Kakadu Plum, Edelweiss, Acerola Cherry), this formula also contains Hyaluronic acid which hydrates and firms without making the skin greasy. The white tea in the serum is also a favourite ingredient. It has a beautiful antioxidant profile and also protects against the harmful effects of our very strong Australian UV rays. Turmeric Beauty Latte. This is a concentrated blend of his concentrated blend of beauty-boosting herbs and skin superfoods is designed to diminish the appearance of dark spots and hyper-pigmentation. We have fabulous results with this product providing a clear, breakout-free complexion and luminous glow. It is infused with turmeric extract, snow mushroom and licorice root along with the incredible Turmeric root. Turmeric has a wonderful ability to brighten discolouration, and control blemishes and is what makes this product so special.

5. What are your favourite wellness practices?
When it comes to wellness practices, I find that taking time to myself is key. I commit to an hour of “me-time”, enjoying a coastal walk, listening to music or cooking a favourite dish. Doing this enables me to reset, refocus and re-spark my creativity and drive. In terms of skincare rituals, I commit to using a hydrating mask once or twice a week if possible. One of the things I pay most attention to is looking after my health by eating nourishing, anti-oxidant rich foods and essential fatty acids. Eating lots of greens and keeping my diet alkaline is something I focus on. I make sure I eat and also recommend that my clients have at least three cups of leafy greens and three cups of veggies daily. It gives all essential beauty boosting nutrients along with fibre and antioxidants so it clears hormone imbalances and neutralises any acid forming foods which is the key to flawless skin and a healthy digestive system.