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SEPTEMBER 12, 2019

Meet the Maker: Karen Murrell

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Karen Murrell, founder and creator of the clean lipstick line - Karen Murrell. She is known as the natural lipstick queen and has always had a passion for cleaner cosmetics and skincare. Karen embarked on her journey in formulating and successfully launching her brand in 2008, when she noticed that many mainstream lipstick products contained questionable ingredients and the options for natural yet high performing cosmetics were very limited. With her knowledge and background in formulating skincare, Karen was able to successfully launch organic lipsticks that are efficacious and environmentally friendly as well as, being one of the first in the beauty industry to successfully bridge the gap between natural and luxurious cosmetics. Her beautiful range of lipsticks are designed in New Zealand and made from the finest ingredients that help hydrate, nourish and condition your lips. Enjoy the full interview below.

Written By thespotbeauty

What motivated you to start your own line of lipsticks?
I started the business around 11 years ago because at that time there were no natural lipsticks around in the market. I wanted a natural lipstick that was as good or better than the typical cosmetic brands. When I was buying lipsticks they all had ingredients like Triclosan and dimethicone which I wanted to stray away from. Women ingest 2kg of lipstick over a lifetime, so I wanted to create a product that looked good but did not have nasty chemicals or ingredients in order to do so. In doing so we became a leader in the natural lipstick field and continue to innovate and lead the way.
Why is it important to you to use clean and organic ingredients?
I have used natural products throughout my life as my family have always lived organically. Whenever I use non-natural products I can instantly feel the difference in my skin. The long and short-term effects can be seen and felt when using natural vs not natural products in the condition of the skin with hydration, spots, pigmentation, and fine lines. The reason is clear natural is healthy, with natural products you see what you get. Similar to with food, if you eat processed foods every day you begin to feel awful on the inside but when you eat fresh natural ingredients you instantly feel more energised and better, it is the same for the products you use on the outside. Our skin after-all is our biggest organ!

What does a typical day look like for you?
Luckily every day is completely different. I normally start the day in the office catching up on emails however,  my days can be spent working on international markets, in meetings with our distributors or planning events.  My favourite days are out in the field working in store or in my office on new ranges. However as your company grows bigger you do not get to do this as much!

What is your approach to beauty?
I am a very groomed person, I see getting my hair done as one of my weekly hobbies.  However, beauty comes in all forms and trends are all why our industry is so exciting. Beauty starts with a smile,  which is what is so lovely about making a lipstick. You enhance a person’s natural beauty and that is so wonderful and such a blessing.

What is your current lipstick shade?
Today I am testing out a totally new range for Karen Murrell however my standard favourite is 17 Peony Petal.  I find it just right for everyday wear.