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OCTOBER 10, 2019


Earlier this year Charlie x Nuggett was launched, a luxury organic, vegan skincare line that focuses on botanical ingredients that help to nurture the skin. Founded by Nuggett McCabe who is a renowned celebrity makeup artist with experience in Film and Television, who saw how working on set had a negative impact on her clients' skin. Her solution was to create something that helped enhance skin, rejuvenate it and create HAPPINESS from the inside and out. Nuggett’s products are all handmade with love and passion. Enjoy the full interview below.

Written By thespotbeauty

How did you get into making skincare?

I have always been a skincare addict and found out early on as a child that the secret to ageing gracefully was to take care of your skin, and to have a skincare routine that nourished, hydrated and protected skin. But ultimately, the main reason that drove me to create my Nuggett x Charlie brand was after spending many years on set as a make-up artist and struggling to find products that really truly worked for my talent who were wearing makeup for 12 hours a day. I was using every expensive creme on the market and was confronted all the time with dehydration and dryness from my talent. I was getting desperate to find the best cream out there that would give 24hr hydration, without the use of harsh chemicals or synthetic ingredients and especially not tested in animals and I just couldn’t find anything that really worked for me. I have spent over twenty years at home in my kitchen ensuring the perfect formulas have been created to really hydrate skin for 24 hours and work to nurture and rejuvenate it. Whilst developing my Happiness range, I spent a long time researching into the use of the most potent botanical ingredient combinations and working to blend only the most powerful natural oils that are derived from plants, flowers, vegetables, fruits and seeds that are highly concentrated with anti-ageing nutrients. But, at the same time I wanted to enhance wellbeing and create Happiness inside and out and I really believe my range does that.

What is your approach to beauty?
Keeping it simple. Eating healthy organic food, exercising and allowing time to spoil, indulge and reward yourself with whatever makes you happy.
Have you always had an interest in wellness?

Yes, I was fortunate enough to learn very early on from friends and family and understand the importance of eating healthy food and exercising. I have always loved the feeling of being healthy and happy. Doing something simple you enjoy makes you feel happy! My philosophy is never take the child out of you!
What is your hero product from the line?

My Face Mist, this is the product I started out with and the one that I have spent years making for celebrities and film stars across the world. A product that is renowned for my signature scent and hydration. It’s the first thing I do before and after makeup. Happiness Face Mist makes people happy and works to prep and prime skin, revitalise and refresh make up and skin all day! Then there is also my Nighty Night Crème which I call my fountain of youth in a jar.  A little goes a long way but boy it packs a serious anti-ageing punch and I promise you, you will wake up glowing and refreshed and super hydrated. I use this morning and night along with my Face Mist - gently warm up in your hands and massage all over your face and neck.

What are your favourite makeup tips?

Before I apply make-up I like to burn my Happiness Signature Scent as it puts me in a happy space and spritz with the Happiness Face Mist before and after make-up as it will set your look but also give your skin a fresh natural dewy look. I love using a lip crayon for a cream blush. Just apply some to the back of your hand before using your finger to blend it across your cheeks. After swiping on your lippy, place a tissue over your lips and dust on some translucent powder. Doing so will help set your colour and make it instantly longer-lasting. It gives lipstick a longer life!