Rose is a rose is a rose is a rose…


As we head into autumn here down under, I decided to change up my skin care and start adding more moisture into my regime. In the summer months I like to keep my moisture more matt as it is so humid and hot in Sydney!

For a very long time the Mun No1 Aknari serum has been on my wish list! It is so popular that when I went to purchase it, the serum was sold out everywhere! So after much anticipation and a long wait, I was finally able to get my hands on this precious, organic brightening serum. I was so excited when I opened the box, I had to wash my face and apply a few drops of the oil to see what it was like! This light serum is so soft and beautiful. I use it as a night treatment and I absolutely LOVE it! It is great for my oily skin, it definitely gives me a beautiful glow and sits very nicely on my skin. I love it so much that I have to apply another drop at night just to smell the lovely scent of the roses! Because I have oily skin and I am prone to break out, I don’t want to use an oil that is going to be too rich for my skin, I find this serum very light, highly moisturising and very much suited to my skin.


As we head into more cooler months I will start using this as my day cream as well. I really love that the brand aims to make sure that their skincare is organic, pure and sustainable. There are so many brands out there that try to be organic and pure but they are not! They use synthetic products and fillers instead of using the good pure ingredients that our skin needs! This serum/oil is mainly derived from argan oil and prickly pear seed oil. I love that Mun actually use organic and pure doses of these oils, not like other brands that use cheap knock offs and are not sustainable either! It is so important to know what we apply to our skin as it enters our blood stream. Our skin is the biggest organ in our bodies! I truly believe in the philosophy of Mun and am so glad to be using their products.


Mun also have an amazing rose toner that rejuvenates the skin, it has natural herbal plant based ingredients that really help oily skin! The ingredients are not harsh on the skin so it is very soothing for oily/acne skin like mine. It doesn’t strip the natural oils from the skin, it really is a gentle toner that works. I love anything with roses in it for my skin, however it is very hard to find pure and organic ingredients that actually work for the skin. I’m so glad I’ve found these beautiful products! Thank you Mun!

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