I’ve always been a big cosmetic junkie, constantly trying new brands, products and things that are going to beautify me! But one thing I have been obsessed with the last few years, is using non toxic and organic products. I have mentioned this before so sorry if I repeat myself.

There are so many brands and products out there that claim to be these things and are not! I’m so glad that I have found an organic, non toxic shampoo and conditioner that are very high performing.

Hair care is very important to me as I blast my hair with  so much heat. I have noticed over the years that the heat and colouring my hair has made it a lot weaker and thinner. So obviously I want products that are going to help reverse the damage but this is not going to happen over night! I don’t have a magic wand and it is hard to reverse what has been done. When I heard about Rahua and saw other bloggers reviewing it, I really wanted to try and see for myself how effective their products really are.

I have to say I actually really fell in love with the shampoo straight away! I really felt it gave my hair vitality and strength, something I had not seen in a while! It was really nice to play with my hair and feel that it was a little stronger than usual. What I also love is the formula they use. It contains nourishing ingredients like green tea, quinoa and Rahua oil from the Amazon. I had never heard of this oil until the hair care had launched.

I have always heard of how green tea has so many benefits but never found a shampoo that was organic and non toxic that actually worked. Because Rahua don’t use sulphates (very toxic stuff) it doesn’t foam and give you bubbles, so if you’re used to a squeaky bubbly shampoo it may be hard to adjust but it is worth the adjustment. It cleanses and nourishes without stripping your natural oils and helps to fortify your hair over time. It doesn’t have any nasty stuff that will coat your hair and damage it over the long run. It is a high performing product that actually works. Other shampoos that contain sulphates (SLF) strip the hair of it’s natural oils and also enter the blood stream disrupting the body and are highly toxic.

I really love this shampoo and the smell! I just want to wash my hair everyday! I am a bit obsessed, everyone should try Rahua and see the results for yourself!

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