Photo 10-04-2015 21 54 58

Coachella Day One


IMG_0272 2

Day two partying with Paris Hilton


Katy Perry is so cute!

IMG_0273 2

Day two with the stylish Nicky Hilton

Photo 10-04-2015 22 50 41

Day three thats a wrap Coachella!

This year I got to experience my first Coachella! It was one of the most amazing music festivals I have been too. This three day festival is held in the Californian desert of Palm Springs. You are surrounded by palm trees and amazing art sculptures. This year they had a huge gigantic caterpillar floating amongst the crowd for two days and on the third it turned into an enormous butterfly.

There is such an amazing vibe at Coachella, everyone is happy and peaceful! There are so many celebrities walking around all the time. It is the place to spot celebrities, from The Jenner sisters to the Beckams to Leonardo DiCaprio.

On the second day I was lucky enough to be in the artist area (where a lot of celebrities hang out) in one of the tents and dance next to Katy Perry! I also bumped into the Hilton sisters. Those girls know how to have a good time and party, especially Paris! She even brings her own photographer!

The energy is magical at Coachella, everyone is there to have a good time and enjoy the music. Coachella always have the most amazing line up with special guests appearing as surprises. When David Guetta was performing he surprised the audience with the Black Eyed Peas who debuted their new song for the crowd! Florence and the Machine went wild getting everyone to strip at least one item of clothing!The finale of weekend one was absolutely amazing watching Madonna perform and kiss the hell out of Drake!

Coachella was such an amazing experience, the palm trees, the music, the people, the art, the love, the fashion and the desert nights!

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