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 Where do I begin with Mexico? Beautiful beaches, amazing nature, sunshine, art, tequila, culture, delicious food and natural sink holes!

One thing I really loved about Tulum, Mexico was the Cenotes. Cenotes are a natural sink holes that result from the collapse of limestone, they are natural swimming caves that occur all over the Tulum region and state of Yucatan. I had the most amazing experience discovering and swimming in the Cenotes. I was lucky enough to visit quite a few  different Cenotes. I   also swam with the fishes and turtles that lived in the Cenotes!

There are so many Cenotes in Tulum, the most popular and frequently visited Cenote is the Gran Cenote. It is absolutely stunning, deep and shallow caves that reflect crystal clear water. As well as reflecting sparkling turquoise blue water.

As you enter the water, it feels so crisp and fresh. You are immediately blinded by the blue reflection of the water, there is a beautiful blue shining light inside the cave. As you get deeper into the cave, you need to watch your head as the cave is low. Quickly duck down, because there are bats flying inside and around the cave. They are harmless but you’re inside they’re home, as a rule (a local Mexican told me) you leave them alone and respect nature they leave you alone.

The cave is quite deep in some parts and if you have snorkelling gear you can look down and see more limestone that never seems to end! There are very deep parts in the Cenote, leading to deeper limestone. Other parts are quite shallow and you can walk around the Cenote and admire being inside a cave.

If you are diver you can actually dive deep into the Cenote and experience the natural phenomenon! It is such an amazing experience and each Cenote is different to the other, it is worth seeing a few when you’re in Tulum.

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