Majorca: Mediterranean Paradise



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Words can not begin to describe the beauty of the Balearic Island of Majorca. The Balearic islands are an archipelago off eastern Spain, located in the Mediterranean. Majorca, the largest island has the most beautiful beaches and is famous for its scenic coastline.

Majorca really is an island paradise, it’s beautiful blue sea has the best swimming spots in the Mediterranean. I can’t recall the last time I swam in the most clear, pristine water with friendly fish. There really is something special about this island, there is a sense of calmness and positivity. I think it has something to do with composition of the blue coloured sea, so clear where it is shallow and gradually darkens to a serene blue where it meets the horizon. So many shades of blue that leave a peaceful imprint on your mind.

If you have not been to Majorca, you are missing out! This stunning Island will have you mesmerised with it’s quaint small towns and in awe of its clean, fresh beaches.

Make sure you pack some sexy swimsuits to look stylish in by the poolside or beach! This black strapless Gorman one piece is a classic swimsuit that can be worn season to season. Black swimsuits are easy to style and the shape of this one piece is timeless. You can also pair it with denim shorts and sandals for a chic day look. Or add some cat eye sunglasses to really give it a glamorous classic edge.

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