Exfoliating oily skin


I am obsessed with skin care products that contain rhassoul clay!    Rhassoul clay is excellent for many skin types and in particular oily skin, it exfoliates oily skin without drying it and doesn’t strip your skin of its own natural oils. The clay originates from Morocco and is very gentle for daily exfoliation.

When my skin feels like it needs exfoliation I use the De Mamiel brightening cleanse and exfoliate powder, this is great as a light weekly exfoliant or you can use it everyday as your face wash to help brighten your complexion. I love mixing the powder with my Mukti face wash, or just leaving it on my face in shower for a few minutes as quick brightening mask.

The De Mamiel exfoliating powder is so gentle and contains soothing botanicals like cucumber powder, rose, chamomile and elderflower. These floral botanicals help soothe and smoothen your skin so it doesn’t feel inflamed or red after rubbing the powder in. This product is also very good if your skin is quite sensitive.

I love exfoliating my skin and I am so glad that I have ditched the toxic scrubs I was using.  They were so harsh and had micro beads and parabens that were stripping my natural oils, which made my already oily skin produce even more oil! Even oily/acne prone skin types need to exfoliate. It is a matter of finding the right product, that doesn’t contain glycols, parabens and SLS’s. Look for natural clay based products like rhassoul clay, bentonite clay and kaolin that are healing and will help exfoliate your skin without stripping it of its natural oils.

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