Get your glow on!

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If you’re like me and like to have a soft dewy complexion and keep your skin hydrated then you’ll love the new face mist I’m using! I love face mists as they play an important step in helping your skin look fresh.

Always use a face mist that doesn’t contain any alcohol, glycol, parabens or glycerin (vegetarian or vegan glycerin is fine). These nasties ingredients are found in a lot of skin care products. They clog your pores and won’t let your skin breathe. They are also very toxic and cause deeper health issues as your skin absorbs the chemicals and metals in them.

The organic rose face mist from Buddha Body Care  is absolutely perfect and nourishing for your skin! The face mist is just pure organic roses, and is great for dry, sensitive, mature, oily and dehydrated skin. I love rose oil or rose based products because rose is so rejuvenating, antibacterial, anti-aging and replenishes the skin.

Oilier skin types (like mine) really benefit from rose based products as well as drier and mature skin types. This particular brand is absolutely amazing as it is a top quality product and has the best value compared to other rose face mists. I have used other face mists that contain a slight amount of rose and charge double the price!

To get your glow on spritz your face and neck before you apply your serum or moisturiser. And spritz again after you have applied your make-up to help set your skin and give you that soft dewy look.

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