The Oil Cleansing Method


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You’ve probably heard of oil cleansing by now, since facial oils and oil cleansing has become so popular. This method of cleansing has been around for a long time, the Romans were one the first cultures to cleanse using oils.

The oil cleansing method was used because there were no soaps or gel like cleansers.

For years the beauty industry kept marketing that oils aren’t good for oily or acne prone skin, this is not true because oil cleanses oil!

Cleansing oils or facial oils are actually beneficial and good for all skin types, YES even oily skin. Oily skin can actually really benefit from the oil cleansing method. Oils work to remove heavy makeup and dirt, it won’t strip your skin of its natural sebum or oils. If your cleanser is stripping your skin you produce more oil, that creates pimples and over sebaceous skin.

Personally I have battled with oily skin for a long time and thats because I was using the wrong cleansers and products. Sales girls selling me the incorrect products, misleading me with the wrong information and selling me products that actually made my skin produce more oil! Finally after switching over to more green conscious beauty products, I noticed that majority of the cleansers are oil based and contain pure oils.

Oil cleanses oil and it also helps cleanse pimples/acne. One of my favourite oil cleansers is the Divine Cleansing Oil from Buddha Body Care.

This organic brand focuses on nourishing your skin and helping your skin be its natural self, the Divine Cleansing Oil really is divine! Its a beautiful product that works fantastically on any skin type (my oily skin loves it). The aromatic oils are carefully picked to soothe and nourish your skin. It contains 13 nourishing oils and botanicals that are designed to replenish decongest, reduce inflammation, prevent ageing and create a positive sense of well being for the skin.

I love to use the Divine Oil Cleanser in the evening, it helps me relax and enjoy the ritual of washing my face. I start with one to drops and work my entire face and neck area, massaging the magnificent oil all over (takes mascara off too) then I wet my fingers and continue to massage with a little bit of water. I then take my face washer and run it under hot water and apply it over my face and neck. This helps take excess oil off and pores become open so gunk can be cleansed and expelled. I use the Buddha Body Care Rose Mist and spritz my face or you can apply the mist onto cleansing pads (this helps dampen your face so your serum is absorbed better). Whilst my face is damp I apply the Buddha Body Care Rose hip Serum.

This routine works well for me in the evening, it cleanses, nourishes and doesn’t strip my skin so I wake up with balanced skin in the morning. Because the oils in the Divine Cleansing Oil don’t strip my skin I don’t wake up with an oily t-zone (anymore). This is such a lovely, organic product that all skin types can benefit from!

Don’t be fooled by a lot of the oil cleansers on the market, they contain harsh and toxic ingredients that will strip your skin. I have seen many big brands that fill the product with mineral oil and petroleum based ingredients! These are toxic and very bad for your skin (largest organ) and will also cause other harmful side effects. Oil cleansers need to botanical and oil based not petroleum based or with synthetic ingredients.

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