New York, New York Part 2










New York is one of my favourite cities for so many reasons, it’s buzz and energetic feel, endless shopping, amazing department stores, best cuisine, phenomenal cocktails, secret bars, street art, people watching and contemporary art culture.

So many people go to New York and never see the unique and colourful neighbourhoods it has. Most tourists just go to Times Square and think that is New York.

New York is a melting pot of cultures and historical burrows that each have something to offer in their own way.

Soho – is a trendy and chic neighbourhood with the best shopping and restaurants.

Little Italy / Nolita – Manhattan’s best street art and graffiti art, trendy cafes and restaurants and lots of old school Italian restaurants.

East Village – Boho chic with an edge. Lots of old school eats like Polish and Ukrainian food. Many secret bars and new hot spot restaurants opening up! Best bars to go bar hopping! If you love vintage stuff this is also the place for it!

Tribeca – Robert De Niro put this place on the map, he invested in the neighbourhood by building an arts/film culture and he also has a restaurant there called La Conde Verda… it is delicious! It is now home to million dollar properties and you can spot many celebs there!

Lower East Side – this trendy neighbourhood looks so run down but has cool and urban style streets with the best boutiques and restaurants! You’ll also find amazing secret bars here! Also home to Katzs deli where you get massive sandwiches that you can’t finish!

West Village – trendy, fashionable and gorgeous! This neighbourhood is lined with perfect streets and beautiful brownstones, everyone goes to 66 Perry Street to stand in front of Carrie Bradshaw’s apartment from Sex and the City. There’s also fabulous boutiques and unique store as well as great restaurants and bars.

New York wouldn’t be New York without it’s skyscrapers, concrete buildings, architecture, Empire State Building, Brooklyn Bridge, Yellow cabs and subways. But New York is more than those elements that make the city, there is the burrows and neighbourhoods that really define it’s character and history.


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