Self Care February

With Valentines day approaching it is time think about self love and self care. Make this February the month you take time to take care of you and give your body love.
I would like to encourage you to give yourself an extra ten minutes a day to do something good for you!
One of the best ways to look after your body is through dry brushing. It is easy, fast and has amazing benefits: it removes dead skin, boosts circulation, stimulates the lymphatic systems, improves skin texture and aids in premature ageing.
Dry brushing is best before a shower, start with circular motions from the bottom and lead towards your heart. I start from my ankles and work my up to my arms. I use a natural body brush that is made from cactus, the bristles are firm and great for sensitive skin. Make sure you get a body brush that is vegan and toxin free!
Your skin is the largest organ on your body and it is important to exfoliate the outer layers. Once your skin is correctly exfoliated, moisturisers and creams will actually be absorbed in better and do their job.
Dry brushing is the best detox you can give your lymphatic system. It’s an important step to learn how to take time to look after your body. I typically start and end my day with a quick dry body brush – it feels amazing. Take the time to give back to your body.
Love your body!

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