Pores, Scars And Acne…Oh My! Part 2


Part Two…

The truth about pores is that they can’t shrink or change their size. However you can minimise the appearance of large pores with correct cleansing and non abrasive products.

The best way to clean your pores is is with clay, oils, charcoal and herbs. Clays and oils (specific oils) will not clog your pores or fill them so they can appear smaller (which is what a lot of pore products do). The Pore Minimising Mask from Phoenix K Creations is a raw and organic herbal mask that aids in detoxifying and cleansing the pores. Clean pores are small pores.

I have been using the Pore Minimising Mask in conjunction with Pore Minimising Oil for the last four months. I am in love with this organic and raw skincare line!

The clays and herbs are carefully chosen to hydrate, nourish and cleanse your skin without stripping or inflaming it. Herbs like Calendula, Chamomile, Peppermint, Fenugreek and Green Tea provide antioxidants to your skin whilst soothing it. The other herbs like Parsley, Burdock Root, Thyme and Lemon Balm help detoxify, rejuvenate and help the skins circulation. This active mask nourishes your skin and helps balance oils so your complexion is clear. It’s great for sensitive skin and will help keep pores clean and gunk free.

The Pore Minimising Oil is an excellent facial oil/serum for oily, combination, dry and sensitive skin types. It’s an excellent treatment if you need to reduce redness, treat large pores and boost your skin with antioxidants. (Also great for anti-aging benefits).

This raw and organic oil is an absolute game changer, most products on the market for large pores are filled with silicone and parabens that actually fill your pores with toxic ingredients to make them appear smaller. And in the long run they stretch the pore out. The herbs used in the Pore Minimising Oil help to treat and decongest the pores, so inflammation and redness is soothed. It also helps with and breakouts. Cleansed and detoxified pores are the only way you can “shrink” or allow them to appear smaller.

These products are not only natural and non-toxic, but they are high performing. You can see results after a few weeks of using the face mask and face serum/oil. If you’re after a safe and long term method of detoxifying your pores, Phoenix K Creations is a must. You can’t beat the quality and effectiveness of these products. I highly recommend these and other Phoenix K products.


Quality and Effectiveness: 5/5

Clarifying: 5/5

Soothing: 5/5

Detoxifying: 5/5



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