Faerie Organic Skincare



Faerie Organic are an artisan skincare and cosmetic company that make organic, non toxic beauty products. They use natural ingredients that are potent and activated. They’re make up and skincare is free from parabens, glycol, lead, talc, sodium laurel sulfate, petrochemicals, fragrance and tar.

The brand believes that your skin is your largest organ and that the products you apply to this organ on a daily basis is absorbed into your body and into your blood stream… therefore all their products are safe and good for your skin.

I’ve been using the Forage Clay Scrub as a face wash, mask and scrub, this product is so unique and versatile. The ingredients are organic and natural so it’s gentle on your skin and will help treat acne/blemish and sensitive skin types as it is non abrasive.

The Australian black clay and activated charcoal are the main ingredients that naturally detoxify and decongest your skin, never leaving it feel stripped or tight. The organic herbs in this clay/scrub aid in reducing inflammation and cleaning your skin.

To use you add a little water and create a paste, you can cleanse your face, use it a mask or a face scrub.  It’s great as a gentle daily scrub, weekly mask or as treatment when your skin is very oily. My skin always feel detoxified and deeply cleansed after using this. The activated charcoal can hold a thousand times it’s own weight, which makes it’s a great spot treatment and weekly skin detox.

They also have a great toner and serum that compliments this scrub/mask. There toners and serums are targeted towards your skin concern and deliver key ingredients that help with your skins condition. I have been using the Green tea and Seaweed toner and Hazelnut serum, both work great for oily/combo sensitive skin.

The toner is very refreshing and smells therapeutic. With ingredients like seaweed, rosemary and aloe vera your skin is clarified and balanced. These fortified rich and dense nutrients help provide the skin with antioxidants, trace elements, magnesium, zinc and iodine. Your skin will feel clear, cleansed, refreshed and glowing. This toner is addictive!

The serum is hydrating for all skin types but acne/oilier skins benefit from this the most as they won’t have a heavy or greasy feel after using the serum, it sinks in nicely and doesn’t have a”oily” or heavy feeling on your skin. Hazelnut oil has natural SPF and protects your skin from the sun and can be worn as a natural sunscreen! It also has antibacterial and anti ageing qualities.

I love everything about this brand, it’s integrity and honesty in providing organic skincare that provides products that are truly unique and natural.

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