Humanité Skincare


I’m so excited to share with you these amazing products from Humanite Skincare. Australia’s first fair-trade certified skincare.There products are made sourcing ingredients from around the world and giving back to those communities and not exploiting them.

I love their beautiful products, not only are they full of luscious ingredients they have the potential to improve lives on the other side of the world! Skincare that is ethical and makes a difference.

“As Australia’s first Fairtrade certified skincare, we’re on a mission to give beauty its soul. Behind the world’s bottles, millions of producers in developing countries struggle to earn a livelihood. With Humanité, you can help change that, and give the market its manners.”

Humanité is helping to empower workers in developing countries, by setting up a cooperative to improve this with the women who produce shea butter.

The first range from Humaitè includes three products based on shea butter, there is the hand balm, day cream and body tonic. The products are luxurious, light, full of skin loving ingredients and antioxidants that are delicate enough for your face and body. All three products are based on shea butter.

The benefits of shea butter are endless, its a natural SPF, it’s a high in vitamins A and E, it’s full of antioxidants, it’s superb for dry skin, it’s antiaging and anti-inflammatory.

When you use a Humanitè  face or body cream not only are you delivering vitamins, antioxidants, omega fatty acids and minerals you’re also helping empower and provide fair conditions for the women who creating the ingredients. More than just great skincare Humanitè is enabling fair trade.






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