Spring Skincare Favourites



Spring is in the air, warmer days are ahead and this is definitely a good time to alternate your beauty products. As the season changes and starts to transition, your skin’s needs change as well.

My favourite skincare for spring is a face mist/toner. In warmer months it’s essential to provide your skin with hydration. The Whole Lotta Rosie Mist is fresh, light and soothing. It delivers a lovely burst of botanical goodness to your skin. The rose and cucumber ingredients are great hydrators. The products is versatile, it suits many skin types.

Generally, in winter we tend to neglect exfoliating our skin. Once the climate is getting warmer it is important to exfoliate in order to refresh and revamp your skin. However you don’t want to strip your skin of it’s natural oils with harsh or abrasive exfoliation. The perfect product for nonabrasive exfoliation is the Leahlani Meli Glow. It’s an illuminating nectar mask, that is rich in vitamins, antioxidants and minerals. The raw and wild crafted ingredients work to provide nutrients to the skin at a molecular level. The tropical fruits and raw honey provide the skin with gentle exfoliation, increased circulation, regenerating collagen and elastin while promoting new cell growth. The mask is bursting with fruit enzymes and hydration to help put that glow on your face!

Last but not least, my ultimate spring favourite is a beautiful botanical balm that is a true multi tasker. The Harlow Wild Craft Salve (Balm) – Red Cedar Leaf (smells like maple syrup) is great for chapped dry hands or nails, it’s beautiful as a natural perfume rubbed onto your wrists, its a soothing balm for sunburnt or irritated skin and it’s also a yummy and hydrating lip balm. It has become my go to product and a must for the bag.

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