Wild Leaf Botanicals



Your skin is going to love the healing and soothing qualities of Australian native botanicals. Botanical ingredients are nourishing, natural and harness the power of plants to deliver nutrients and antioxidants straight to your skin.
Wild leaf Botanicals formulates their skincare with a variety of natural and potent botanicals that are native to Australia. The products are formulated with essential oils like Wattle seed, Australian sandalwood, Zeolite, Australian clay, Pink lake salt as well as other native and unique ingredients.
The Green clay and sandalwood face mask powder is the perfect mask for anyone who has oily, combination, congested, and normal skin. The clays used in the mask are fine and easily absorbed into the skin. They are also effective in:
• drawing impurities from the skin
• exfoliating
• detoxifying
• preventing pimples/acne, and
• calming redness.
The use of Australian sandalwood in conjunction with the clays and oat aids in toning and tightening the skin. It also heals scars and spots. You can definitely notice your complexion becoming clearer and your pores more cleansed. The Wild Leaf face mask is a beautiful, natural and high performing mask that is easy to incorporate into your skincare routine.
P.S Check out their face mask starter kit it’s got all the essentials you need to help you have the perfect face mask ritual at home.





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