ARgENTUM apothecary






Nature is abundant in ingredients that are beneficial for your skin, and when combined with years of scientific research a truly magical product is created! Meet La Potion Infini from Argentum.  It’s not your average anti-aging face cream. Its a unique and extraordinary cream containing Silver Hydrosol & DNA HP. I’ve never experienced anything like this!

Silver Hydrosol is an antibacterial stimulant that allows the skin to heal and repairs damaged tissue. It is soothing, hence great for dry, oily or acne prone skin. Acne/pimple prone skin types will benefit immensely from this ingredient (I certainly do).

DNA HP is a natural marine source ingredient that is full of antioxidants and stimulates collagen to aid in strengthening the skin as well as giving your skin strength and elasticity.

La Potion Infini excels in combining these two ingredients and creating a multitasking and powerful cream, that provides your skin with hydration, it’s anti- inflammatory and in addition is also great for the eye area due to the caffeine. It can also be used as your night cream or evening treatment. If you’re after one product that serves multiple uses this is worth the splurge!

MY EXPERIENCE: My skin felt more hydrated especially the area around my eyes and I love the tightening feeling after applying the cream. It also calmed any redness I had on my face. After applying the face cream my skin felt more supple and moist. It’s also fabulous under face oils, I apply my oils on top of the cream and the product layering works very well together. Love the products from Argentum, truly unique, luxurious and high performing.

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