Phia Lab

Energy it surrounds us, it is us, it revives us. Have you ever felt energised from being out in nature or by the sea? Or picked up someones positive or negative energy? That’s because natural energies impact the way we perceive though our senses and the approach we take to conceive everyday activities.

What is an ENERGY SPECTRUM? This is when the energy content of essential oils is measured to be aligned with the Phia Lab products. When the bouquet from the oils and vibrant ingredients are aligned you receive pure energy.


Energy Spectrum

Based on the study of hundreds of oils, the Spectrum contains six energy categories: Grounding, Adventure, Focus, Balance, Imagination and Confidence. Phia Lab carefully blend within an energy category using the mathematical formulations of Phi to create unique bouquets with strength and purpose.

Phia Lab is a next generation energy and wellness company.  Founded by two-time Olympian and chemical engineer Michelle Roark, Phia is bridging traditional aromatherapy to a logical extension built on proprietary research in the bio-energetics of plants, flowers and herbs. The company brings discoveries to market in the form of natural products designed to shift, align and amplify your energy.  Phia is on a mission to help all of us live with greater passion and purpose — to be a force!  Assess your energy profile at to determine the Phia energy bouquet that is most likely to resonate with you.

Phia Lab’s quantum body oil is silky, smooth and absolutely luxurious. It ones of those beautiful products that makes you feel serene and calm, all due to the energy and vibrations. I also love that has dual purposes and can be used in variety of ways. As well as using it on my body, I add a very small amount in my damp hair for a silky blow dry.



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