Meet the Maker: Chèile Skincare


I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Chèile (pronounced kay-la) Skincare a harmonious, pure and holistic approach to looking after your skin. Chèile Skincare is handcrafted in Canada and is all about self care nature, simplicity and sustainability.

How did you decide to create your skincare line?

When I started making my own products I never actually imagined I’d come this far. Back in Ireland in 2009 I couldn’t find any truly natural products to put on my baby’s skin. I was taking a year out from school after just having a baby and so I put all of my spare energy into researching and experimenting. I gave the products as gifts and thought that was it, a fun little project! A few years later after moving halfway across the world (to Canada) and baby no.2, I made a lotion for a friend’s mom who was ill. She loved it, not only the way it made her skin feel, but the aroma and uplifting scent, the fact that it was handcrafted, and made with love! So I made some more gifts and honestly, it’s the feedback and support from my family and friends that kept me experimenting and crafting! They were happy to pay for my products and so I started a teeny tiny business. I find myself here today, in a place where I have an amazing group of people who buy my products, again and again, and honestly, it’s just magical! I am growing slowly which is perfect for where I am at in my life right now.

How important are ingredients to you?

They are everything! What frustrated me back in 2009 was that a lot of the seemingly “natural” products weren’t in fact natural at all. As I began experimenting, I realised that it was so easy to make truly effective skincare. Sure it looks different, smells and even tastes different but using pure elements, from this earth is truly satisfying. All of the oils and butters that I use are unrefined, meaning they are minimally processed, cocoa butter for instance has the most beautiful aroma, why would you take that out of the butter by refining it, so that you can then add some synthetic fragrance at the end.

What is your favourite Cheile Skincare product?

Without doubt the Nua Face Polish and the Ageing Gratefully Elixir. By using both I have noticed a huge difference in my skin. Both products, like most in the range can be used in many different ways. The polish is a blend of vitamin and mineral rich Lava Clay, soothing Honey Powder and gently exfoliating ground walnut hull. You can use the polish as a cleanser mixed with water and some of your favorite serums and oils, a mask mixed with any element your skin needs at that moment and as an exfoliant. It’s a user favorite to! The Gratefully Aging Elixir is so named because I feel weary at the amount of anti aging media nonsense that we are forced to listen to. It plays on our vulnerabilities, something I will never do to myself or my beautiful cheile users. It is such a beauty and privilege to grow older. Dreaming up this beauty, I’ve used a soothing herb infusion of arnica flowers and calendula with some of the earth’s most regenerating and

nourishing seed oils. Sandalwood and Frankincense essential oils add an exotic natural aroma. I call this one also my skin whisperer, perfect for cranky skins!

What is the meaning behind the name of your brand?

The word cheile, pronounced kay-la, is an Irish word meaning balance, and to be in harmony. The Native American symbol above the E represents balance and harmony too! I draw a lot of inspiration from the wisdom and traditions of the people native to our lands. Much of their traditions are based upon rituals and I feel that in developing rituals and connections to self, we allow ourselves to balance and recalibrate, becoming more in harmony with ourselves and our surroundings.

What are your favourite skincare tips and tricks?

Honestly? Get comfy in there, get holistic, get in love with your self, YOU, being all shiny and bright luminates more than any potion you put on your face will. I say this because it wasn’t always easy for me, If there is something you are trying to change, or wishing to be different, or worse the same! I grew up hating my lips because I was horribly teased as a kid. My lips change color depending on if I’m cold, warm, hot and it honestly looks like i’m wearing lip color when I’m not. As a 7 year old this attracted attention!

There are so many amazing skincare brands out there changing the way we use products though, I find having a range that you can use for your skin, depending on what it needs. For example, I am about to launch a range of masks that come in powder form, to be mixed with various concentration of oils/serums or hydrosols. Some days you need more hydration, less oil, a dose of antioxidants, deep cleansing, enzymes to exfoliate or manual? And it’s not complicated, it shouldn’t be. All of the oils, clays, and botanical extracts are so full of the nutrients your skin needs.
Most brands are more than happy to do skin consults, or send samples so don’t be afraid to reach out to them! It’s a process, finding what works – good luck out there!

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