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Summer it’s my favourite time of year. It’s all about healthy sun kissed skin, beach hair, festivities, radiance and that summer glow!

We all love that healthy and shiny glow for summer but it’s important to protect your skin from harmful UV rays. One of the most important beauty routines in the warmer months is to apply sunscreen, my favourite is Kari Gran’s new sunscreen; Three Sixty Five SPF 28. This is the perfect combination of a face oil and sun protection without nasty ingredients and full protection against UVA, UVB and UV radiation. One of the best things about this sunscreen is that makeup sits perfectly on top of it and you can also mix your bronzer or face powder with the sunscreen for a tinted look.

Now with that being said, who doesn’t love a glowing, gorgeous tan? Just fake it with a natural sunless lotion. The Chocolate Sun, Cocoa Glow  is a hydrating and nourishing ‘fake tan’ that gives you sun kissed skin without the damage from harmful UV rays!

I love the effortless look for summer, especially when it comes to hair! Volume and beachy waves are achievable with Briogeo Blossom & Bloom + Biotin Volumizer Spray.  The perfect product before you blow dry your hair, with botanical ingredients like maltodextrin, a natural sugar starch,  that coats each strand of hair to promote a fuller appearance and give you lots of volume. Lemon and witch hazel extract dissolve excess oil and help extend time between washes (bonus). Flat, lifeless hair transforms to a more fuller and thicker appearance. To help with your blow-dry make sure you are using a large round brush, this is the best tool to help lift, twist, curl and smooth your hair. The Olivia Garden Hair Brush is anti static, anti bacterial and the ion charged bristles allow your hair to dry faster as well as flattening frizz out. A good blow-dry is not complete without a great brush like this!

To finish off this easy and effortless summer look, I love to pop a hint of colour on my eyelids. The Lily Lolo Laid Bare Palette, is a natural collection of neutral shades that suits all skin tones and you can easily take your look from day to night with the variety of shades.  They eye palette is beautifully pigmented with nourishing oils and minerals so it doesn’t dry your eyelids or crease quickly.

Lastly and most importantly cleansing your skin, it’s important especially in the summer months when we are using sunscreen and tanning lotions. Ensuring we are washing all that SPF off, a PH balanced face wash that doesn’t strip your skin like Josh Rosebrook Complete Moisture Cleanse is perfect. I love that this face wash cleanses and balances my oily skin. It leaves skin feeling moist, soothed and nourished. It definitely suits all skin types and is perfect if you are after a face wash that is more moisturising.

To finish off this summer edition of Green Beauty, it is important to feel balanced and positively energised. Whether it be summer or winter it is always important to feel the best version of you, my favourite way to do this is through floral essences. I love spritzing my face, hair and body with Lotus Wei’s Radiant Energy Mist. This mist is a floral remedy of  therapeutic oils and essences that aids in energising, revitalising and protecting you against others’ stress.

Don’t forget you can get all these amazing green beauty products from I Am Natural Store.






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