Precious Skin Elixirs


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Meet Precious Skin Elixirs, holistic green beauty products based on botanicals and gem energy. Carefully blended and created by Marissa (the founder) using organic, wildcrafted, sustainable and Non GMO ingredients.

I have been using the Sea Pearl Exfoliating Clay as a weekly exfoliating treatment, mask and daily booster mixed with my face wash. It’s a non-abrasive and gentle form of exfoliation that helps detoxify and nourish your skin. The French green clay and bamboo aids in absorbing excess oils from the skin and because it’s delicately blended with soothing herbs like chamomile, calendula, lavender, rose-hips and marshmallow root  your complexion  will feel soothed and radiant. It’s a multi-tasking product that suits all skin types especially those with sensitive, normal and oily skin.

The Sea Pearl a great product to add to your cleansing and masking routine, the mild exfoliating powders are very effective at eliminating dead skin, bringing radiance and restoring a healthful complexion.

I love how soft and cleansed my skin feels after mixing the Sea Pearl with my cleanser, my skin is left with a healthy glow. This really helps my complexion and the big bottle will last such a long time!

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