5 Green Beauty Brands To Look Out For In 2017


New Year means New Phenomenal brands to watch out for and try in 2017. Here are 5 green beauty brands you are going to want to try!

Lets start with hair care, new year new hair right!? Yes but it doesn’t mean you need a new hairdo, good hair products can do so much more than a new do!  You are going to love Revelry Hair Co. This Australian brand hand crafts their formula in Byron Bay using a cutting edge intuitive delivery system called vecorexin. Vecorexin is a natural liposome that helps reverse damage and promotes shiny, healthy hair from within. Their ingredients are clean, and free from nasty ingredients like parabens, silicones, palm oil, mineral oil, fragrance and Sls.

I have tried the Volume Boost Duo and found it to add volume to my hair and it definitely didn’t weigh it down. It’s also non irritating for those with sensitive scalps and perfect for anyone with an oily hair/scalp. After using Reverly Hair Co. hair is instantly manageable and hydrated. The results are fantastic!

Body oils are the new moisturisers and Beneath Your Mask a new green beauty brand has chosen the most exotic selection of ingredients to create her new line. I have had the pleasure of moisturising my body with the Indulge Total Body Elixir, this is a beautiful body oil that sinks into the skin with ease and grace. It is a perfect body oil as it doesnt’ leave any greasy residue behind or under clothes. The rich combination of  19 pure plant oils deeply hydrates your skin and can be used as a quick hand/nail treatment or nourishing hair treatment for the ends of your hair. This multipurpose body oil is the perfect way to moisturise from head to toe all whilst leaving your skin feeling nourished and replenished.

Meet Ginger Tonic Botanicals the blend of botanical science and holistic nutrition that helps to address health issues. Lindsay is the maker behind the healing herbal teas and tonics, she’s an expert on understanding plants and their properties to help deliver alternative medicine to your health uses or needs. Her beautiful herbal teas are carefully curated to help calm, soothe and attend to your bodies needs. I’m a big herbal tea drinker, and Ginger Tonic Botanicals has teas for all my needs, the beautiful blends are not only aromatic they are nourishing and therapeutic as well. Look after yourself, heal your health with some Ginger Tonic Botanical Teas. My favourite teas from the range are the Book Nook and Heart Rise Teas.

Akar Skin are a Tibetan inspired nontoxic skincare brand that focuses on sourcing wild crafted and organic ingredients from the Tibetan plateau. Akar Skin’s core philosophy is the formulation, making sure all products are created with high performing ingredients that not only help make us look good but feel good too. Never using toxic or harmful ingredients that can potentially damage our skin and bodies.

After some glossy and soothing lip balms? You’re going to love the Akar Lip Butters! You know how butter melts on toast, well Akar Lip Butters are the same but on your lips. They are formulated with nutrient rich ingredients like Goji Seed Oil, Baobab Seed Oil, Roship and Almond Oil to help hydrate your lips. These beautiful soothing lip balms also come in a tinted version for a hint of colour. It’s time to ditch those toxic petroleum based lip balms/glosses and say hello healthy, supple lips with Akar Lip Butters. These are some seriously glossy lip butters that your lips are going to love.

If you love balms that are potent and healing, you will adore the Live Botanical ones. Live Botanicals is a herbalist artisan skin care range made with natural ingredients that are healing and beneficial to your well being.

You won’t be able to stop using the gorgeous Skin Repair Balm, it not only smells divine but the aromatic balm helps to heal sunburns, cuts, rashes and breakouts. Also great for mosquito bites and a nourishing balm to keep in your bag for all your minor first aid needs. I am so impressed with these little balms especially the Moon Cycle Cream, it was created to help relieve pain during the Moon Cycle (menstrual cramping). And YES it does soothe and alleviate pain, the mindful herbs chosen are truly comforting. Love is the first word that comes to mind when using and smelling these balms, they are truly impressive with great therapeutic relief.

These are some incredible and remarkable brands to try  this year! Natural products that are high performing, nontoxic, deliver results and benefit your well being.




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