Jillian Wright Skincare


Jillian Wright Skincare is a green beauty brand to watch out for this year!

This New York clinical aesthetician and spa owner knows a thing or two about skincare, with over 18 years of experience and a track record of having given over 12, 000 facials. She created her collection of beauty products to help all skin types and address common skin concerns. The selection is a balance of uniquely formulated products that are wild crafted, natural, safe, nontoxic, high performing and sustainable.
Jillian’s products are like the ultimate spa day experience that your skin can indulge in, all in the comfort of your own home. Pamper your skin with botanical ingredients that are soothing, balancing and hydrating. The brands philosophy is all about empowerment, being confident and comfortable in your skin.
I have used a variety of Jillian’s products and have fallen in love with the range and how my skin feels after each use. If you’re after a nourishing cleanser that won’t strip or dry your skin out, you’re going to love the Coconut Cleanser.  Your skin will feel fresh, cleansed and hydrated an absolute gem of a product that is fantastic for all skin types especially oily skin like mine!

Follow with one of Jillian’s face mists my favourite is the Recovery Misting Elixir. This face mist is perfect for all skin types but especially anyone who is sensitive or experiences redness as the balance of Reishi Mushroom, Comfrey, Rose petals and essential oils help calm and rejuvenate skin. It’s also a perfect mist to help hydrate skin throughout the day.

If your skin is after an extra dose of vitamins or needs a little boost, you need the Energy Serum and the Vitamin C Brightening Powder. Both products are designed to strengthen your skins collagen, brighten your complexion, promote new cell production and provide your skin with antioxidants. Add a little of the powder to the serum or your moisturiser and watch your skin glow. An easy yet effective way of helping your skin look more radiant.
Finally if you’re a mask lover like me, then you’re in for a treat with Jillian’s Signature Glow Mask. This mask is like a facial in a jar and a vibrant treat for your skin,  a luxurious experience when prepared in the cute little mixing bowl and applied with the fan brush. The mask is a mixture of  clays and exotic ingredients like pearl powder, matcha green tea, green coffee bean powder and plant botanicals to cleanse, energise and brighten your skin.

I have fallen in love with Jillian’s skincare range and I’m positive that you will too.


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