CHIA New Zealand – have made eating & drinking your favourite superfood more nutritious. We all know chia seeds are good for us, but are we actually getting their full benefit by simply sprinkling them onto our food? The answer is: not 100%.
CHIA New Zealand ensure that the chia seeds they provide in their products unfold their full benefits. The chia seeds are activated through soaking and being hydrated. This helps unleash an abundance of essential nutrients.
These are now one of my favourite superfood drinks to enjoy daily – they are not only good for you but are also very delicious too. Absorbing the full range this superfood has to offer, means that you supply your body with the following benefits:
  • omega 3 – helps support your heart and brain (plant based)
  • calcium – strengthens bones
  • magnesium – to assist the nervous system
  • fibre – slow energy release, keeps you full longer
  • iron – against fatigue
  • natural electrolytes – important for staying hydrated

Next time you’re after a healthy and nutritious drink, give these CHIA drink a go!




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