One beauty subscription box I love and always look forward to is the BOXWALLA. 

Boxwalla is always introducing me to new products, of which many become beauty staples in my routine. This month we get to experience H IS FOR Love.

H IS FOR LOVE is a clean beauty brand that focuses on natural skincare with products that are non-toxic and nutrient-rich, with majority of the ingredients being organic or wild crafted. The brands philosophy is all about sharing nature’s gifts. Bee Ham, the founder, creates the most pure, potent and luxurious beauty products by hand to increase quality and effectiveness of the ingredients. H is for Love stands for the history of these natural ingredients used in various cultures, and honouring the traditions associated with them.

Let’s start with the Kinu body balm, because this is my favourite product from the Wild Honey Box. It is made exclusively for the Boxwalla Box, so if you got your hands on this you are in for a wonderful treat.

Kinu translates to silk in Japanese, and this creamy balm really does feel like silk on your skin. This body balm is not like your average body balm, it’s the most luxurious balm that is packed with skin loving ingredients like Kalahari Melon Seed oil and Rosehip CO2, that deeply nourish  and moisturise your skin without leaving a heavy or thick residue behind. The Kinu is seriously like sparkling silk that melts into skin with ease. I absolutely love this body butter, giving your skin the perfect glow!

The Propolis Regenerative Mask, has become one of my favourite faces masks. It’s such a fantastic product that is brimming with exotic and rare ingredients. Unique ingredients like Camu Camu, White Turmeric, Sweet Cinnamon and Red Alaea Salt are not only nutrient and mineral rich, they are also detoxifying and stimulating, they also provide the skin with anti-inflammatory benefits. As well as delivering an abundance of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to your skin.

Lets just say I’m addicted to this mask, I love how my skin looks and feels after each application. This mask is perfect for so many skin types and especially for oily and congested skin. It undoubtedly allows the skins complexion to look brighter, glow and feel refreshed.

The one thing that all three products have in common is the nutrient rich ingredients. Which brings me to the final product, the Rapha Harmonising Cleanser. This oil cleanser contains a generous amount of nutrient rich oils like pumpkin seed, hemp seed and turmeric, these oils are fantastic as they feed your skin with minerals and vitamins upon cleansing.

The subtle herbal scent of chamomile and calendula will put you in a deep and calming state of relaxation, making it such a perfect cleansing ritual for the evening. Place a few drops into your palms, inhale the goodness and massage into skin to gently wash away the days impurities. This cleanser has the most soothing aroma, for best results follow with a warm washer cloth.

Here is a sneak peak of the DECEMBER BOXWALLA featuring the Le Paar 24K Gold Precious Face Oil and the Dafna Skincare Eye Serum. Don’t forget to order before it sells out!

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