Apothecary 90291

Apothecary 90291


African Botanics


Luxe Botanics





With 2017 nearly coming to an end, I have rounded up some new brands I have discovered and loved trying this year. These 5 beauty brands have unique and exceptional products that are definitely worth trying.

Apothecary 90291 is a luxury skincare brand from Venice Beach in California. I had the opportunity to meet with the founders and learnt so much about this organic brand. The founders were both passionate about skincare and creating products that are truly effective. Free from fillers of any kind, devoid of preservatives, and scientifically- formulated by Andreea Farcas who has a strong background in science and medicine (including years of experience in plastic surgery), the products are made from only the finest organic ingredients. A combination of amino acids, enzymes, vitamins, minerals, and powerful antioxidants to restore skin’s health, nutrition and vitality, as well as giving it the strength to fight the aggressors of daily exposure to sun and environmental pollutants. I love using the face oils and the eye serum. The Revive Eye Serum is such a gorgeous product, it is easily absorbed into the delicate eye area easily and does not leave any residue behind.


I also had the opportunity to meet the founders Julia and Craig Noik of the Eco Luxe brand African Botanics. Based in Santa Monica, California founders Julia and Craig Noik have created a luxurious line of skincare inspired by the lush botanics from their homeland in South Africa. The native South African plants and extracts have been carefully selected to heal and nourish the skin. All the products are brimming with high performing extracts that will leave your skin looking and feeling totally refreshed and rejuvenated. You won’t find any fillers or toxic ingredients in the products, you will find an abundance of carefully sourced and sustainable ingredients like Rose, Marula, Baobab, Kalahari Melon Seed and Jasmine. A luxurious brand that doesn’t comprise on quality or your health. The Rose Essence Treatment is defiantly a must have for your skincare regime. This potent yet gentle product instantly treats the skin, giving the complexion a healthy brightening glow.

Luxe Botanics is an eco and mindful skincare brand that has a socially conscious ethos. Founder Jené Roestorf has drawn inspiration from her South African roots and her passion for socially conscious innovation to create the definitive ‘Mindful Skincare Ritual’. The carefully formulated line of skincare incorporates active and exotic botanicals. Using only the finest ingredients with a focus on wild harvested, and certified organic ingredients, your skin is receiving the most pure form of natural plant extracts. There are three core nutrient rich botanicals that are made for specific skin concerns. I have tried products from the KIGELIA range made specially for oily, sensitive and inflammed skin. The Kigelia Clarifying Serum is a beautiful product that instantly allows skin to feel soothed and calm, it helps settle inflammation as well as balancing the skins oil production, leaving your complexion looking matte and fresh. A great product that also helps control shine and keeps your skin looking balanced.

Bella Aura literally translates to Beauiful Aura and is a skincare brand you need to keep on your radar. This luxurious and clean brand has a focus on science and natural herbal ingredients. The products in the line are multifunctional, highly effective, pure and suitable for all skin types (even very oily skin) and the results are noticeable immediately. Bella Aura’s philosophy centres on treating the root of imbalance to restore skin’s youthful health and vitality, to protect skin from everyday environmental stressors, and to defy free radicals. The Gentle Purifying Cleanser has become my Holy Grail product and has immensely improved my issue with congestion and oil flow. It’s a 3 in 1 Cleanser that helps to energise and purify your skin. Packed with nourishing and potent botanicals like Argan, Neroli, Fig de Barbary and Nigella that are effective at removing build up of daily pollution and grime, as well as providing skin with an abundance of minerals and vitamins. Whenever I feel like my skin is lacking in lustre or needs a glow, I make sure I incorporate the Bella Aura products into my skincare routine.

Oilixia is a skincare brand that is close to home, the founder a fellow Australian has travelled the world and sourced pure, precious and potent ingredients to create a line of skincare that is made in small batches and globally sourced. Founder Alexandra Janson’s created Oilixia out of a passion for the fabulous natural ingredients that the world has to offer. The products in the line are innovative with rare and exotic ingredients that are carefully sourced, your skin is in for a treat! The Oilixia Explorer Blend Facial Oil is definitely a face oil you need to try, the botanical formula is formulated with 18 pure plant based oils that provide the skin with a potent dose of omegas, antioxidants, vitamins and omegas. It also includes retinol rich Cacay Oil and Tomato fruit (patented) extract has been clinically tested to aid the skins complexion and tone, brightening and promoting a healthy glow. And was the winner in 2017 for the Beauty Shortlist Awards. Made for all skin types, this is especially beneficial for oily, congested and combination skin types as it absorbed easily, leaving skin looking supple and nourished.





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