REAL TALK – Cryolipo/Fat freezing
Have you ever wanted to get rid of stubborn body fat? Tried everything from miracle creams, exercise, dieting and it hasn’t worked (the struggle is real). Lets be real, it definitely can feel like a struggle and when you can’t see any results it’s even more frustrating.  You’ve tried it all and you just can’t shed those last few kilos… With the revolutionary cryolipo treatment, you can!
What is Crylipo?
Cryolipo is a non-invasive spot reduction treatment. Using ‘fat-freezing’ technology, it allows you to target specific areas of stubborn fat (belly fat, love handles, flabby arms, etc.) and eliminate them for good. Unlike exercise, which shrinks fat cells, cryolipo starts a process that results in the body naturally removing fat cells entirely from your body and the best part – they’re not replaced, they’re simply gone. The treatment freezes the fat in the area you want and will get rid of 30% of the local fat forever. Yes forever! 
 I recently tried cryolipo with Dr. Anthony Bloomfield, a Sydney based Medical Doctor who also has  a background in personal training and is dedicated to finding smarter, easier solutions for weight loss. I was so excited to visit Dr. Bloomfied and try “fat freezing” for myself. This is great for anyone who has a body mass index of 30 0r below, is already exercising and eating healthy. It’s basically a great way to spot reduce fat without the fat returning. The procedure take approximately an hour and is actually quite painless, you resume normal duties afterwards and there is zero down time. It’s absolutely safe and doesn’t damage the skin.

“For over a decade I had been advocating that spot reduction through diet and exercise was not possible. Cryolipo provides a solution to this limitation.”  according to Dr. Anthony Bloomfield
Over 1 million patients have received Cooltech treatments with an overall satisfaction rate of 95%. Numerous clinical trials have shown that Cooltech is a safe way to eliminate fat without damaging surrounding tissue. Cooltech is the only fat-freezing treatment with two handpieces able to work simultaneously and 6 different shaped heads. This allows you to treat twice the fat in the same amount of time, reducing treatments and fast-tracking results. The treatment takes approximately 60 minutes and results become visible between 2-10 weeks.

One the benefits of seeing Dr. Bloomfield, is his ability to maintain results after the procedure is done. He has carefully combined his expertise from both his fields and  implements the Bloomfield Protocol. The Bloomfield Protocol is based on a number of key scientific principles. For good health and fitness, at least 150 minutes of moderate intensity exercise per week is ideal. 

Benefits of protocol are:

  • Stay accountable with Dr. Anthony Bloomfield and his team monitoring your exercise habits
  • Benefit from the latest training technology and real-time analytics
  • Enjoy the flexibility of being able to complete the Protocol at home, outdoors or in a gym
  • Proven for men and women of all body sizes

I highly recommend seeing Dr. Antony Bloomfield and trying the cryolipo treatment for yourself.

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