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Recently I have tried two new and quite unique serums: they are formulated with potent, rare, exotic plant botanicals and actives.

But first, a few words about serums – what are they actually? They are ‘concentrated’ skin care products that tend to be effective by delivering active ingredients deeper into the skin. You can incorporate them into your skin regimen and different serums will have different benefits and address a variety of skin issues. In general they are designed to aid in strengthening skin cells, improve skin and provide nourishment to the skin – in an effective manner.

The two products I have tried are: ‘African Botanic’s The Marula Resurrection Cell Recovery Serum’ and the ‘Needle – Less’ from Goldfaden MD. Both products are absolutely excellent, effective, fast acting, suited to all skin types and address (oily/combination) skin and can be incorporated into your AM and PM routine.

The benefits I have experienced are brightening, pore minimising, nourishing and moisturising.

The Marula Resurrection Cell Recovery Serum delivers quick results. After a few uses, you can start to notice your skin looking plump and hydrated. I have used it in the evening as it contains retinol. Whilst you’re sleeping this serum works it’s magic and as you awake in the morning your complexion is radiating and clear.

Formulated with rare and exotic plants from South Africa, it is brimming with the most potent floral ingredients. Beneficial for all skin types, it has worked well for my oily skin and congested pores. The Witch Hazel, Cucumber, Marula and Nettle are a unique combination of powerful ingredients and great for oily skin as well as help keep the pores clean. Further another unique combination is the plant botanicals, retinol, peptides and hyaluronic acid, which aid stimulating the skin to create more collagen – for mouth youthful and plump skin.

The Needle – Less serum from Goldfaden Md is like botox in a bottle without the needles (YAY). This serum is a great alternative for anyone who wants “botox effects” without having to undergo the actual procedure. It contains a mixture of hyaluronic acid and hexapeptides that target lines and penetrate the top layer of skin – it really helps relax any lines around your face. Hyaluronic acid is a carbohydrate that occurs naturally in our bodies, it aids in the retention of moisture and can hold up to 1000 times its weight in water. Further seaweed is an important ingredient in this product. It delivers an abundance of highly important vitamins and minerals to your skin that aid in the strengthening, hydration, anti-inflammatory benefits and will help soothe and treat any sensitivity.


I highly recommend adopting these two products into your skincare regime.





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  1. Hi! I love this article because it gives me a glimpse into what a serum even is, but also which serums you really think work! I am just starting to use serums so your intro is super helpful for anyone like me just starting out. Also, since everyone is different and want different things I like that this post included a couple different serums and their uses. After reading this I really want to check out both 🙂

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