I recently experienced the PicoSure Laser Treatment with Crystal at the Bella Pelle Cosmetic Clinic in Sydney.  Crystal is an experienced and highly professional aesthetician with in depth knowledge on skin, treatment and the PicoSure treatment.

What is PicoSure? – PicoSure is an innovative and picosecond aesthetic laser. It is an effective treatment that is suitable for a wide range of skin concerns like acne accruing, fine lines, wrinkles, pigmentation, large pores and sun spots. The revolutionary technology is perfect for patients (like myself) who are seeking a way to improve their skin and address certain skin conditions.

The treatment is quick, easy and non-invasive with no down time. It’s a convenient treatment with minor discomfort and redness at the end of the procedure. However the redness does subside in a quick manner. The machine delivers ultra-short pulse bursts of energy into the skin/areas in trillionths of a second. These ultra-short pulses send targeted thermal injury, breaking up pigmented cells in your skin while stimulating the production of elastin and collagen.






My treatment and procedure:

1. Before any laser treatment, it is crucial for skin to be correctly prepared and analysed.  It is imperative that this analysis is done with the correct machinery/camera. The in depth camera captures four photographs that display what may lie underneath the epidermis and what the naked eye can’t see alone.

2.  Four photographs are taken and each present a thorough and detailed analysis of the skins texture, wrinkles, pore sizes, skin tone, discolouration (pigmentation) and sebum in the area of epidermis as well as dermis area. The treatment plan is then decided from the skin analysis.

3. PicoSure laser treatment commences with the Focus lens array. Crystal applied the numbing cream prior to the area and the laser treatment begins. After the laser treatment there is a little redness and cold ice is applied to the face to cool and soothe it. The redness settles within in 3 to 4 hours and there is no downtime at all.

4. After the redness subsides Crystal aids skin recovery and rejuvenation by placing you under a LED Healite II Light. This Light Therapy not only aids the skins ability to heal quickly, it also stimulates collagen and reduces any swelling in the face. It also helps to maximise the treatment results.

I highly recommend PicoSure, as I am loving the results from this treatment. I opted for this treatment as I have quite old acne scars and large pores. In the past I have tried several beauty treatments to help with this, however none of them delivered true results. With the PicoSure Laser Treatment I have see a noticeable improvement in my acne scars, pores, skin tone and texture. Love the skin you’re in!

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