Argan by MŪN

A few years ago there was a lot of hype and craze around Argan Oil. This plant based oil also became a big trend in beauty and cosmetic products. There were many Argan oils on the market, from hair products, creams and anything that could be marketed containing this exotic ingredient. Don’t get me wrong I’m not against Argan or products that contain it, however I started to question this trend and became concerned with the quality and integrity of some of these products. When something is so hyped and becomes the “latest craze” it does make me wonder as a consumer if I am getting a high quality and most importantly pure product.

Not all Argan Oils are created equal – there are many oils and Argan based products on the market that barely contain the pure goodness of this ancient ingredient. After trying many different brands of oils, I actually couldn’t see or feel the benefits of this oil on my skin. Some of the oils I tried were not absorbed into the skin with ease or were mixed with other ingredients and felt quite refined in the texture when applied to my face or body. After some trial and error I discovered that most Argan Oils on the market are in fact refined, deodorised or diluted.

Earlier this year I was introduced to Mūn’s Pure Argan Oil and from the first use I noticed the benefits of this oil. Argan Oil is high in oleic and linoleic fatty acids (Omega 6 and Omega 9), making it beneficial for congested, acne prone, dry and sensitive skin types. It will hydrate skin without causing congestion and due to the high linoleic acid it allows inflammation in skin to be drastically reduced. A multitasking oil, that’s addresses many skin concerns, hair, nails and a great all over moisturiser.

Mūn’s Argan Oil, is of impeccable quality and standard. From the first use I noticed how the oil gave my skin a glow and was absorbed with ease. It felt so moisturising as well and didn’t leave a heavy residue behind. In fact my (oily) skin felt so hydrated and craved the nourishment, vitamins and antioxidants it was providing my skin with. A few drops of the oil in my a.m routine and my complexion looks so clear, in fact most days I skip waring makeup because of the bright and radiant texture it provides. This has to be one of the most pure Argans I have come across and works remarkably well mixed with  your favourite moisturiser and makeup. I can’t recommend this Argan Oil enough, try it for yourself and watch your complexion look luminous and perfectly dewy. I am yet to come across a single ingredient oil or another Argan that gave my skin instant results the way Mūn does.


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