Meet the Maker: Botanical Signature




I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Asako, the maker of the lovely BOTANICAL SIGNATURE products. This interview was a first where we met in person and spent the afternoon drinking tea and discussing the BOTANICAL SIGNATURE’S Japanese cultural influences, beauty tips and living a healthy lifestyle.

How did Botanical Signature start?

After finishing my study of medical Aromatherapy, I came to question the types of unhealthy ingredients used in our everyday products. My focus then turned to creating more organic and safe products for everyone, which led to testing recipes and holding skincare workshops, where my two-square kitchen became the lab.

Have you always been interested in a natural and healthy lifestyle?

I have always had a passion for health, beauty, and living with a holistic approach. Practicing Yoga has been a huge influence for me not only because of the physical practice, but provides insight for living in flow and in balance through our healthy diet, our exercise and even our communication with others. Moderation is a key aspect of this. ‘Balance’ is very important to me.


What are some of the Japanese influences we see in Botanical Signature products?

BOTANICAL SIGNATURE reflects a lifestyle of modern simplicity and quality. Our brand concept is based on infusing comfort and a sense of calm, and bringing a timeless beauty in our busy lifestyle. Our principles of respecting and living in nature were essential when developing the best way to represent the concept of our organic products, and the nature inspired brand. It was a perfect match to select washi paper for our brand, as it is ethical and made of 100% organic plant-based material. The making of washi paper is a unique traditional process, all hand crafted with care, using the techniques inherited from the ancient Japan, and it connects to my heritage. With BOTANICAL SIGNATURE, we are exploring the possibilities when East and West philosophies meet, and by bringing handcrafted Japanese details in a whole new direction and using the representation of culture in our packaging, this is perhaps rare in the modern skincare industry.

What are your favourite skincare tips?

I give my face a simple cleanse first thing in the morning to remove all the excess from the night before. This helps to clean up the pores but also helps to absorb the following skincare routine. After rinsing, place a few drops of the Brightening Face Oil Serum [vitamin C] on to the palm and then massage it thoroughly on to the face and neck. Give the skin a break for a minute or two before moving to the next step. It sounds a bit fussy, but once you get into a routine, this will help make sure you aren’t overloading your skin.

What is your favourite Botanical Signature product(s)?

BOTANICAL SIGNATURE products are designed for people who are passionate about enhancing their own natural beauty for the long-term with an honest mind by using ingredients free from chemicals, synthetic fragrance and color, and use 100% no animal testing. All this has been achieved by keeping of our products are made simple with pure botanical extracts and delivered the best quality products. This is one of my favorite aspects of creation. I also enjoy creating the experience when opening such as the ‘cocooning’ washi wrapped skincare or our herbal tea packaging, which is inspired by traditional firecracker with a hint of childhood memories. I treasure an experience for our customers as if they are opening a delicate gift.

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